Saint John of Egypt (304-394)

for March 27

Saint John of Egypt devoted himself to a life of prayer and meditation as a hermit. He lived the majority of his life in a small, walled-up cell. He was as strict with his diet as he was with his prayer, and ate only dried fruits and vegetables. He acted as a spiritual director to many young men; he even constructed a hospice for them, given their vast numbers. John's great reputation for intelligence and piety led him to be chosen as advisor to Emperor Theodosius. He exhibited the gifts of healing, prophecy, and the ability to know people's hidden sins. He was admired by saints and regular people alike.

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Saint John of Egypt developed his exceptional piety in the quiet and peace of seemingly endless hours of prayer. For Saint John, and for all of us, prayer is absolutely crucial to growing in both knowledge and closeness with God. Do you spend time in prayer daily? If not, are there times in your day that you could devote to God?


Dear God, please help me to know you more.