Saint Braulio (590-651)

for March 26

Saint Braulio was a bright scholar who was educated at the college in Seville, Spain, which was founded by Saint Isidore. He and Isidore became good friends and they collaborated together to pen the Etymologies. Braulio was also an advisor to kings of Spain and combated Arianism. His eyesight began to fail him in old age, putting an unwelcome stop to his studies. Saint Braulio is the patron saint of Aragon, Spain.

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How often do you spend time looking at your life with the specific intention of appreciating the good things you have? Gratitude is both very useful in developing our relationship with God and in having a happy and healthy worldview. Spend some time today appreciating the many wonderful aspects of your life.


Dear God, help me to always feel gratitude for the many blessings in my life.