Saint Leobinus (d.558)

for March 14

Saint Leobinus was a hard worker who yearned for knowledge. The son of peasants, Leobinus worked in the fields as a youth. Yearning to quench his thirst for knowledge, he traveled to a monastery at Noailles, France, where he worked for the monks by day and was taught by them at night. He studied by candlelight late into the evenings, which annoyed the monks who had to be up early in the morning for prayers. A screen was put around the candle, and Leobinus continued his studies. He joined the monastery at Lyon, France. During the war between the Franks and the Burgundians he was captured and tortured to reveal the location of the monastery's treasure. Leobinus refused to reveal the treasure's location and eventually recovered from his injuries. He was a celebrated reformer, miracle worker, and healer. Saint Leobinus is the patron of innkeepers and wine merchants close to Chartres, France.

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Sometimes schoolwork is difficult, and we may get frustrated and want to give up. Sometimes schoolwork comes easy to us, and we may get frustrated with classmates who take longer to grasp the concepts and ideas of the lesson. Saint Leobinus knew how important a good education was. Do you understand the importance of your education? Do you strive to always do your best and help others who may be struggling?


Dear Jesus, thank you for the opportunity to receive a good education. Please help me to always do my best at my schoolwork, even when I may get frustrated and want to give up. Please help me to use my time and talents to help my classmates who may be struggling with their schoolwork.