Saint Aengus (d.824)

for March 11

Saint Aengus lived the solitary and prayerful life of a hermit near the river Nore. It is said that he spoke with angels on the bank of the river. Word of Aengus's holiness spread and he was soon bombarded with curious visitors. He sought a more secluded lifestyle at the monastery of Tallaght, near Dublin, Ireland. Aengus, along with his fellow monk Maelruain, penned the Martyrology of Tallaght in 790. He eventually left the monastery to resume life as a hermit. When Saint Aengus was called to his heavenly home, he was buried in the town of his birth, Clonenagh, Ireland.

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Saint Aengus understood the importance of spending time alone to speak with God through prayer. Do you take a few quiet minutes every day to speak with the Lord?


"Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening" (I Samuel 3:10).