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Saint Oswald of Worcester (d.992)

for February 29

Saint Oswald was the nephew of the archbishop of Canterbury. The archbishop played a crucial role in Oswald's early life, raising and educating him. Oswald decided to travel abroad to France to further his education. While in France, he felt called to become a Benedictine monk. He was chosen as the bishop of Worcester, and then the archbishop of York. As archbishop, Oswald instituted many helpful reforms and established several monasteries. He invited leading scholars in astronomy and mathematics to these monasteries to improve the intellectual lives of the monks. Oswald had a deep love of the poor. When Lent began in 992, Oswald resumed his customary tradition of washing the feet of 12 poor men every day. On February 29, Saint Oswald passed on to his heavenly home after washing, blessing, and kissing the feet of the 12th poor man of his final day.

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Saint Oswald had a deep love of the poor, and welcomed ministering to them in any way that he could. He even made it a point to wash the feet of 12 poor men each day during the season of Lent. Do you make ministering to the poor, lonely, or forgotten a priority in your life? Spend a few quiet minutes in prayer, talking to the Lord. Ask him to help you in your ministry to the poor.


God present in the poor, help us to realize that serving the needs of others is something all of us are called to do. Let us be generous in giving to others. Let us give not only of our surplus but also of our time and energy. (Taken from “Good News Day by Day: Bible Reflections for Teens.”)