Saint Romanus of Condat (d.460)

for February 28

Saint Romanus felt called to a life of quiet prayer and focused spirituality. At the age of 35, he traveled to the Jura Mountains between Switzerland and France to live as a hermit. He enjoyed his life of quiet solitude, but his isolation did not last for long. He was an inspiration to his brother and sister, and they soon joined him in the mountains, accompanied by their friends. Eventually, it became necessary to build two monasteries and a nunnery because Romanus had so many followers. He is famous for healing two lepers at Saint Maurice. Saint Romanus was called to his heavenly home in 460 and was buried at La Beaume.

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Sometimes what we want is not what God has planned for us. Saint Romanus felt called to a life of solitude and prayer, but he was such an inspiration to his brother, sister, and their friends that he established two monasteries and a nunnery. Are you open to what God has planned for you, even if it is not what you expect? Ask the Lord for help to always be open, ready, and willing to act on what he is calling you to do.


Thank you, Lord, for the gift and the privilege of being a disciple of Christ. Open my eyes to the unique way you are calling me to live out this gift. (Taken from “Take Ten: Daily Bible Reflections for Teens.”)