Saint Romaric (d.653)

for December 8

When Saint Romaric's father was killed on the orders of Queen Brunehilda, the young boy became a homeless nomad. With time and hard work, Romaric's luck changed. He amassed a great fortune and was a landowner with many slaves. Romaric was enjoying his life of luxury when he met Saint Amatus. The saint changed Romaric's outlook on life, causing him to willingly give up all of his material wealth and enter into religious life, where he inspired many around him.

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We work hard for what we have. Our material possessions can give us great joy, and can be a reminder to us that our hard work has payed off. For instance, Saint Romaric went from being a homeless nomad to a wealthy landowner, and enjoyed the luxury of having nice things. However, when we put our material possessions ahead of the love that we have for one another and God, a problem arises. Ask God for the courage and humility to follow the example of Saint Romaric and give up the things that are keeping you from being a more faithful disciple.


Dear Jesus, I do want to follow you. Inspire me to be a faithful disciple, to leave everything that is taking me away from your mission to build a more just world. (Taken from “Take Ten: Daily Bible Reflections for Teens.”)