Saint Narcissus of Jerusalem (99-215)

for October 29

Saint Narcissus became the bishop of Jerusalem when he was already advanced in years. While he was bishop, one of his critics accused him of a crime that he did not commit. The claim was not believed by the Christians in his diocese and the charges didn't hold up, but Narcissus took the allegations as an opportunity to retire from his role as bishop and become a desert hermit. After he was completely exonerated of the charges against him, Narcissus returned to Jerusalem: older, but stronger and more passionate in his faith. He resumed his position as bishop of Jerusalem. When the deacons forgot to supply oil for the church lamps on Holy Saturday, Narcissus performed a miracle and turned water into lamp oil so that services could commence. When his old age began to take its toll, Narcissus prayed to God to send a bishop to assist him. God responded by sending Saint Alexander of Cappadocia, and the two took charge of the diocese together. Narcissus lived to a very old age, and he is the patron saint against insect bites.

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God calls everyone to serve him and live out his message, regardless of how old they are. In fact, some people, like Saint Narcissus, do some of their greatest works in their advanced years. One of the downfalls of our society is that we tend to see the elderly as a burden instead of a great blessing. How can you better serve the elderly in your community?


Thank you for the wisdom you have given to my elders, God. (Taken from "Good News Day by Day: Bible Reflections for Teens.")