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Saint Cirilo Bertran (1888-1934)

for October 9

Saint Cirilo Bertran was born in 1888. He joined the Brothers of the Christian Schools on October 23, 1906. He was appointed as the director of his house in Turón, Asturias, Spain. Cirilo was one of the nine Martyrs of Turón who were killed during the persecutions of the Spanish Civil War. Saint Cirilo Bertran was canonized on November 21, 1999.

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Although our society does not violently persecute Catholics, Saint Cirilo Bertran is an example to us of the long tradition of Catholics who were willing to sacrifice their lives for their faith. If you were in a society like that of Saint Cirilo Bertran, would you be willing to practice your Catholic faith even if you knew it might be dangerous? Many Catholics around the world are still targeted and victimized for their faith.


Pray for the Christians and Catholics throughout the world who are being treated poorly and sometimes violently attacked for their faith. Ask God to help others love them and treat them with compassion.