Saint Cyprian (d.258)

for September 16

Saint Cyprian was born in Tunisia around the year 200. He was a lawyer and professor of public speaking for most of his life, but at age 46 he became convinced that Christ told no lies, and joined the Christians. Only two years later, he was made bishop of Carthage in North Africa, and he made a rule not to make decisions without consulting his priests and the people in his diocese. However, Saint Cyprian became a bishop just as the Roman Empire swerved again toward bloody doings against Christians. In 258, Cyprian was beheaded in a field; interestingly, the direct accounts of that day, as filed in the report of the Roman proconsuls of the day, remark Cyprian's courtesy toward his executioner, and the executioner's courtesy to him (Taken from "Saints Passionate and Peculiar.")

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Saint Cyprian's conversion story underscores the colossal importance of honesty. Not only is honesty a virtue in and of itself, but honesty alone, when witnessed, has the power to transform others. When we could lie in order to avoid difficulties, but we tell the truth instead and face the attendant struggles, we set a truly holy example. Think of times when, rather than lie, you told the truth. Think of times you lied, and ask God to forgive these blunders.


Dear Jesus, help me to be an honest person, as you were. Help my honesty inspire similar virtue in others.