Saint Monica (332-387)

for August 27

Monica was the mother of Augustine of Hippo, a difficult young man who became a great theologian and bishop. He did everything he could to avoid God, but Monica never stopped praying for him. She once declared, “Nothing is far from God.” This applied to Augustine too. Even though changing her son’s heart looked hopeless, she had faith, and he did turn his life around. (Taken from "Good News Day by Day: Bible Reflections for Teens.")

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To most people, Monica's son, Saint Augustine, seemed like a lost cause. Few could imagine any way that he would eventually become a Christian. Saint Monica, however, trusted in the power of God. Year after year, she persevered in her prayer to God on Augustine's behalf. She is an example of the importance of perseverance. She reminds us that, even if we don't immediately receive that for which we pray, we should never stop praying.


Dear God, help me to pursue you and your will with the ardor and insistence of Saint Monica.