Saint Antoninus (d.186)

for August 22

Saint Antonius held a very gruesome profession; he was a Roman public executioner. He was involved in the trial proceedings of Saint Eusebius. During the proceedings, Antonius received a vision, and converted to Christianity. Because he proclaimed himself a Christian, the tables were turned, and he was beheaded for his faith.

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Saint Antoninus is an incredible example of the power and love of God. His life shows both the unmatched force of God's love and the fact that no person, regardless of how terrible or evil he or she may seem, is beyond the reach of God. If Saint Antoninus, who spent his life killing innocent people, can be pursued and fervently love by God, imagine how much God must love you.


Dear God, thank you for your incredible love. Help this love to infiltrate every facet of my being and deepen my dedication to you.