Paul: The Journey to Rome

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This reflection shows how Paul took to heart Jesus's words "Fear not," even on his many detours in life.
If God is for us, who is against us? (Romans 8:31)
In Paul's last trip to Jerusalem to say farewell before leaving to preach in Spain, he was arrested by the Romans. As a Roman citizen, Paul exercised his right to appeal his case before the emperor in Rome. After a tumultuous trip across the Mediterranean Sea, Paul arrived in Rome around AD 60 and was kept under house arrest. While there, he continued to preach and strengthen the Christian Church. According to tradition, Paul was beheaded outside the walls of the city. The Church recognizes Paul as a genuine hero of the faith.

Paul never made it to Spain, but he made a great difference in Rome. It is not uncommon to experience detours in life and end up somewhere unexpected. It is what we do with the detour that makes all the difference.

How have you used unexpected situations in your life for good?
God, may I always have dreams that take me beyond myself.
  • To go deeper: Read Acts of the Apostles 28:11–30.
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    Published July 2, 2008.