Raising Up Leaders

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An experience with a group of leaders causes the author to wonder about the role of chidren's choir in youth ministry.
I had a fascinating time with a group of young leaders. I was most struck by the diversity of the young people from a particular area. They came from single parent households, working-class families, and professional families. They were black and white, male and female, preppy and skater. There seemed to be nothing that bound these young people together. Nonetheless, they were all very competent and respected peer leaders. Then the common bond emerged.

As they talked and laughed, they began to reminisce about their elementary school days and recall funny stories about each other. The stories all revolved around their time in children's choir. I present this as a simple observation. Each of these leaders, despite their diversity had been in children's choir. Was it choir? Was it the parents? Is that type of child just naturally drawn to the Church? I would need to do a lot more research to find a definitive answer. But maybe, there is more to the "Mozart effect".

This experience was enough for me to urge schools and parishes to establish children and youth choirs. For those of you looking for young leaders, I ask you not to overlook music programs.


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Published August 15, 2003.