Month of the Rosary: Scriptural Rosary

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Taking a different mystery each day, this prayer will guide you and your young people through a month of meditation on the mysteries of the rosary.
With the monumental addition of the Luminous Mysteries, there are now twenty mysteries in the Rosary. For the month of October - the month of the Rosary-- one can now take one day with each mystery. While the following format is written for use in a classroom setting, it could be adapted for personal prayer.

1. + In the Name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

2. Announce the mystery of the day

3. Pray the Our Father

4. Ask student to read the passage from Scripture that is the root of the mystery

5. Pray a Hail Mary

6. Take a few moments in silence and ask the students to pray for truths contained in the mystery to be a part of their lives.

7. Conclude with the prayer: "Father, may we say 'yes' to your will for our lives as Mary, Queen of the Rosary, said 'yes' to your will for her. We ask this through Christ the Lord. Amen"

Joyful Mysteries

Monday-- The Annunciation: The archangel Gabriel announces to Mary she will give birth to Jesus. Luke 1:28-31

Tuesday-- The Visitation: Mary visits Elizabeth, her cousin, to share with her the good news about the son she is carrying. Luke 1:39-42

Wednesday-- The Birth of Jesus: Jesus, the Son of God, is born. Luke 2:4-7

Thursday-- The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple: Mary and Joseph present Jesus in the temple in accord with Jewish law. Luke 2:27-32

Friday-- The Finding of Jesus in the Temple: Jesus is found in the Temple instructing the elders about his Father. Luke 2:41-49

Luminous Mysteries

Monday-- The Baptism of Jesus: Jesus is baptized by John and receives affirmation that he is the beloved Son of God. Matthew 3:16-17

Tuesday-- The Miracle at Cana: At Mary's urging, Jesus turns water into the finest wine. John 2:1-10

Wednesday-- The Proclamation of the Gospel: Jesus preaches to everyone that God's reign is here and that he is here to save. Mark 1:14-15

Thursday-- The Transfiguration: Jesus true identity as God's Son is revealed to Peter, James and John. Mark 9:2-8

Friday-- The Institution of the Eucharist: Jesus gave to the disciples his very Body and Blood and urges them to continue in memory of him. Matthew 26:26-27

Sorrowful Mysteries

Monday-- The Agony in the Garden: On the night before Jesus was to be crucified, he took his disciples to Gethsemane to spend the night in prayer. Mark 14:32-36

Tuesday-- The Scourging at the Pillar: Before being sentenced to die, the soldiers took Jesus to be beaten and humiliated. John 19:1-3

Wednesday-- The Crowning with Thorns: In cruel mockery, the soldiers placed a crown of thorns on Jesus head and faked praise to him as a king. Mark 15:16-20

Thursday-- The Carrying of the Cross: Making his way from the center of Jerusalem to an area outside the city, Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus carry his instrument of death to the place of his death. Mark 15:21-22

Friday-- Jesus is Crucified: In apparent abandonment, Jesus gives his spirit to his father and dies. Mark 15:33-39

Glorious Mysteries

Monday-- The Resurrection: After suffering an humiliating death, God's final triumph is revealed in as Jesus rises from the dead. Matthew 28:1-8

Tuesday-- The Ascension of Jesus: After appearing to the disciples on many occasions, Jesus ascended into heaven. Luke 24:50-53

Wednesday-- The Holy Spirit Descends on the Apostles: The Holy Spirit is given to the apostles and the Church is born. Acts 2:2-4

Thursday-- The Assumption of Mary into Heaven: Being free from sin, Mary did not die as other humans. She was taken into heaven. Luke 1:46-49

Friday-- Mary is Crown Queen of Heaven and Earth: Mary is given crowned and given a special role in the salvation of the humanity. Revelation 21:1-2


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Published August 15, 2003.