Youth Prayer Habits

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Here is information on teens and their personal prayer life. There are also conversation starters to discuss prayer with your teens.
Through a grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc., the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill has established the National Study of Youth & Religion at the Odum Institute for Research and the Social Sciences. In there preliminary findings of existing research, they report that and estimated 80% of American teenagers pray. In fact an estimated 40% indicate they pray daily. Slightly more than 40% of Catholic youth indicate they pray daily.

Present these data to the youth with whom you work and minister. These are some questions you might pose:

1)Do you pray daily?
2)What do you do when you pray?
3)Are you looking for different ways to pray?

Hearing the answers to such question could open new opportunities for you to minister to the youth with whom you work.

More information on youth and their religious beliefs can be found at the National Study of Youth and Religion Web site.


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Published August 15, 2003.