Help Me

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This prayer from a teenager asks for help dealing with anger and tough times.
Oh God, please help me with this anger.
Every time it happens it is something new.
It's an ocean unexplored that
Cannot be tamed or touched by anyone.
Please help me in rough times, for I know you will.
I cannot control myself when it happens,
It's a disturbance of my inner peace,
I am being violated.
It screeches for help,
But others can hear nothing
Except for me.
Please console me, for I cannot let anyone in
Until you can.


This prayer is adapted from Listen for a Whisper: Prayers, Poems, and Reflections by Girls, edited by Janet Claussen and Marilyn Kielbasa. Copyright © 2001 by Saint Mary's Press. Permission is granted for this prayer to be used for classroom or campus ministry purposes. This prayer may not be republished in any form without written permission from Saint Mary's Press. To order this book, contact Saint Mary's Press at 800-533-8095, or visit our online catalog at

Published September 11, 2001.