The attacks of September 11 were a horrible tragedy . . .

The attacks of September 11 were a horrible tragedy that hit the United States out of nowhere. My prayers and the prayers of people all over the world go out to not only the ones directly affected but to America in general in hopes that the event can help us grow in unity and acceptance. September 11 made me realize that America harbors people from every nation in the world, and although it was devastating to see people die and the destruction that it brought, God has been with us all, melting our hearts and souls with God's warmth and charity. I pray that God is with everyone every day, helping them realize that September 11 was an altercation caused by hatred and ignorance, but more importantly, one that brought the United States under her flag with a renewed sense of patriotic duty and love. And that's what God's message was. May the Lord bless everyone and help you along in your journey with an open mind and a love for difference.


Published August 16, 2002.