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Singing Telegrams

About this article

This activity from the Teaching Activities Manual for "The Catholic Youth Bible®" invites the students to work together to compose singing telegrams based on passages in Matthew's infancy narrative.
  1. Direct the students to read Matthew, chapters 1–2. Discuss the role of a messenger in the passage, noting the different messages delivered by angels.
  2. Form small groups. Instruct the groups each to compose and rehearse a singing telegram based on one of these Scripture passages:
    • Matthew 1.18–24
    • Matthew 2.1–15
    • Matthew 2.16–23
  3. Explain that the groups are to include the scriptural dialogue and then creatively embellish their telegram in keeping with the mood of the selection. Add that they may tape their telegram or perform it live, and that they may use props or costumes.
  4. After the groups have shared their telegrams with the class, discuss their presentations as a way of delving more deeply into the Gospel passages portrayed.


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Published January 1, 2000.