Excerpts from Listen for a Whisper: Prayers, Poems, and Reflections by Girls

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These excerpts from Listen for a Whisper: Prayers, Poems, and Reflections by Girls are great discussion starters or for use in prayer!

God is with her.
God works for her.
God fills her.
God chooses her.
God accepts her.
God praises her.
God listens to her.
God cries with her.
God knows her.
God loves her.
We are her.

Quotes taken from prayers

Spirituality is a vision of my soul. (a middle school girl)

It's easy to live with a God you've been taught, but it's easier to love a God you've found in yourself. (a high school girl)

Help me to . . . live curled up in your warm, holy lap. (a high school girl)

Can you show me a place in hell where I have never been? (a teenage girl in foster care)

God is the home run in the ninth inning when the count is 3-2, there are two outs. The bases are loaded, and the entire game is riding on your last hit. God is the game. (a high school girl)

God to me is mother love, sheltering children from the cold. (a high school girl)

Why are there no explanations? Why are there so many "whys"? (a high school girl)

My soul dances with God; my spirit soars! (a middle school girl)


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Published August 1, 2001.