Forms for the Hermitage Experience

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Forms for the hermitage experience are given here. One form is for student preparation and the other is a letter/permission slip for parents.

For more information see Leading Students to Hermitage.

Preparation for Hermitage

Dear __________________________,

Your day for hermitage is _____________________ in the MORNING at 8:00 a.m. or AFTERNOON at 1:40 p.m.

To come to hermitage, you must do the following things:

  • Report ON TIME to room 301.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Bring drinking water.
  • Bring your prayer partner with you.
  • Complete the teacher notification information below for each class you will miss and bring it with you.


  • Teacher's signature__________________________


  • Subject____________________________________


  • Period_____________________________________


  • Assignment_________________________________

Any student who does not complete the above tasks will not be admitted into the hermitage room!!




Dear Parent or Guardian,

In a world of hustle, bustle, and overstimulation, both visual and aural, a place of silence and calm visual images allows students to experience the possibility of prayer and thought. In religion class recently, there was a discussion of hermits and hermitages. The idea of having a hermitage experience during the school day surfaced, and I would like to inform you that your son or daughter, _________________________ ,has been selected to participate. He or She understands that all academic work needs to be attended to. The room we will use will have a comfortable chair, a table, and a few other items to create an atmosphere for prayer and thought. As a result of the experience, the students will grow in their appreciation of silence in their lives and their need for it.


Sr. Mary Farrell

Please clip your acknowledgment and return it to me.


I know that my son or daughter will be in hermitage on ____________________ ,and I will support him or her with my own private prayer during his or her time of prayer.



Dear Parent or Guardian,

What Students Say About Hermitage and Prayer:

The first time I went into hermitage, it was because I was curious to see if I could do it without going crazy, being alone with nothing to occupy my time. The second time I really wanted to do it. I guess you could say it cleanses your soul. It gives you an opportunity to sit and figure out what to do with yourself. Jocelyn

Kids are afraid to talk about God with their friends, but they do converse with God by themselves. I think I'm with God more than I'm with my parents, and I've gone to God about a lot of decisions in my life. Scott

In the hermitage you can find your true feelings, because outside the hermitage, you're too busy. Inside there are no distractions. We don't always talk to our parents about this stuff, but we like to have special time with God. Shirelle

The public holds a stereotype about teenagers. They think we don't care about the future and about God, but we think about it a lot. We may not express it a lot, but we care. Al


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Published October 1, 1997.