Curriculum Offerings of Theology Departments

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What is the sequence of courses offered in other theology departments? This summary lists the course sequence of ten four-year programs offered by Catholic high schools across the United States. If your school has a different sequence, send it to Kat so it can be added to the article.

For a couple of years, Saint Mary’s Press sponsored a listserv discussion group online. Discussions on a variety of topics were pursued via e-mail. In this section of the web site, I summarize some of the highlights from these old files. Because some people identified themselves only by an e-mail address, I cannot give specific credit to individuals for the ideas listed below. Because this site wishes to promote a spirit of professional sharing, I believe it is appropriate and fitting that these ideas be passed along.

Whenever I attend a workshop or gathering of theology teachers, one of the first questions asked is about curriculum. What courses are offered and in what sequence? It never ceases to amaze me that we are all basically teaching the same content! There may be different course titles and some schools may offer more electives, but the core remains just that. Nevertheless it is interesting to note what other schools are doing and on what level. What follows below are some of the postings from the listserv. Please remember that our discussion forum is available for any topic for which you would like to ask for feedback. Send in your school’s sequence and I’ll add it to this article for easy reference.

Freshman–Old and New Testaments

Sophomore–world religions and church history

Junior–moral issues and peacemakers

Senior–women’s spirituality and Christian womanhood

Freshman—introduction to Catholicism, Hebrew Scriptures

Sophomore—Christian Scriptures, sacraments

Junior—morality and social justice

Senior—lifestyles and Catholic faith life: past and present

Freshman—understanding Catholic Christianity, sexuality, Hebrew Scriptures

Sophomore—Christology, church history

Junior—sacraments and liturgy, Catholic morality

Senior—Christian living, social justice, service

Freshman—Old and New Testaments

Sophomore—morality and social teaching

Junior—world religions

Senior—philosophy, morality, and justice

Freshman—understanding Catholic Christianity, sexuality

Sophomore—Hebrew Scriptures, Christian Testament

Junior—morality, one elective: world religions, social justice, sacraments, faith and doctrine

Senior—Christian lifestyles, one elective: death and resurrection, women and the church, world religions, social justice, sacraments, faith and doctrine

Freshman—prayer and celebration, ethics I (morality)

Sophomore—Old Testament, ethics II (social justice)

Junior—New Testament, choice between women in the church or church history

Senior—Christian living, choice between world religions or women’s spirituality

Freshman—introduction to Catholic Christianity, Old Testament

Sophomore—New Testament, sacraments

Junior—morality, social justice

Senior—Christian lifestyles, world religions

Freshman—self-esteem/identity, church

Sophomore—Hebrew Scriptures, Christian Testament

Junior—morality, spirituality

Senior—social justice, Christian lifestyles

Freshman—Old Testament, sexuality

Sophomore—New Testament, church

Junior—morality, social justice

Senior—world religions, Christian lifestyles

Freshman—Christian identity and ministry

Sophomore—Old Testament, morality

Junior—New Testament, church

Senior—Christian lifestyles, social justice


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Published December 29, 1999.