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Digital Helps for Parishes Reviewing Discover

For Directors of Religious Education & Catechists

Take a look inside each grade!
Just click on the grade level of your choice from the list. Each grade level includes one chapter from the catechist guide and the coordinating children’s activity booklet/leaflet.

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Scope and Sequence
Home Guide Sample
Director's Manual
DRE & Catechist Training Modules

Processing the Discover! Online Training Modules Discussion Starters for Parishes


Watch Discover come to life in videos that show the heart behind this program!


Resources to share with your families

We offer a robust experience for parents and families using the materials at home, whether to enhance what catechists may cover in the lesson at the parish or virtually, or to teach a full lesson on their own.

How to unpack the lesson at home with the Family Page and The Catholic Children’s Bible

How to teach the lessons from home with the free, online Home Guide




Distance Learning Resources for Parents, DRE's & Catechists

A webinar for DRE's and Catechists: Discover Distance Learning Webinar


A Video for Parents: Discover and Distance Learning Comprehensive Overview (21:28)
For parents new to the Discover!, this video provides a brief introduction to the program, a walk-through an online, interactive distance learning chapter, and highlights some of the practical and manageable ways on how to unpack the lesson with their child, following the distance learning chapter, whether they have one child or more children using the program.


A Video for Parents: Discover Distance Learning (9:17)
For parents already familiar with the Discover! program and how to unpack the lesson with their child, here is a brief walk-through of an online, interactive distance learning chapter.

Discover Distance Learning Guide: Printout for Parents


What's the role of a catechist? A video to empower 
Because Discover! offers an interactive distance learning option, where the teaching is done for the children, it’s left many catechists wondering what their role is, now?  This brief video explores the possibilities, because catechists don’t ever stop being catechists!

4 Easy Steps to Connecting with Kids via Video using Discover
With this guide, Catechists will be empowered to lead meaningful conversations with children via video, using Discover!

4 Easy Steps to Connecting with Parents
Looking to reignite connection with your families this season? This handout provides a guide for meaningful conversation!