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Discover! Using the Home Guides

Home Guide instructions for families:

To access your Home Guide, click the appropriate grade level:


Click on the DOWNLOAD PDF icon at the top of the document window to save it to your computer (recommended), or click on the PRINT icon at the bottom of the document window (note the full Home Guide documents are each 70-90 pages long, so we recommend only printing the lessons you'll need!)

Then, watch this free video for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to lead a lesson at home:









For DREs:

Here’s what to send home for parents to teach from home:

  1. The Catholic Children’s Bible
  2. The Activity Booklets from children's folders that are to be covered during the time of seclusion
  3. Your contact information and/or the contact information for catechists so parents to have a continued line of communication and support when needed
  4. Continued support and resources from our Ministry Care Team to support the nourishment of faith in the home during this time:
    For children
    For middle and high school