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Pictured is the Valaam monastery, located in an area of Greece called Meteora. The area is filled with massive rocks hundreds of meters high. Christian hermits made their homes in caves in these rocks. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Greek Orthodox monastic communities began building monasteries at the top of these rocks. The Valaam monastery is beautiful and serene. The paintings that fill the walls and ceiling of the chapel entrance are filled with images of various martyrdoms--a vivid reminder of the potential cost of our faith. Inside the chapel the paintings are an overview of the Gospel--a reminder of the rewards of faith. Today there is a roadway and bridge to reach it, but centuries ago, the only way to get there was to be hoisted up in a net by a winch! These monks went to great lengths to be separated from worldly concerns and temptations. It is a good reminder of the importance of not being caught up in things of little lasting value, which can be all too easy to do in our connected age.

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