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A Little Help Here!

After reading several real-life examples of conflict, students provide suggestions to mediate each situation.


Who Is Your God?

This handout presents a list of different definitions and identities for God. Students are asked to choose ones that resonate with them.


Our Culture, Our Selves

This handout asks students to rank a list of items in life and society according to their importance.


Communication in My Family

This handout helps students to explore the communication and relationship they have with their parents by asking a series of reflective questions for students to answer.


Telling Our Body's Story

This handout helps teens reflect on their body image and the influences on their attitudes towards their bodies.


Relationships in Marriage

This handout presents numerous questions about healthy, life-long marriages for students to think about and answer.


Cases to Examine: Changing Roles

This handout presents several real-life family situations about which students must evaluate and make a decision.


Cases to Examine: Parenting Dilemmas

This handout provides several examples of parenting dilemmas. Students are to read the situations, choose a course of action, and explain their thoughts.


Cases to Examine: Dealing with Conflict

This handout provides three situations for students to read and evaluate. Students must give a suggestion for how to respond to the conflict in each scenario based on the strategies in the book.

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