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The Fig Leaves of My Life

A craft activity where students cut out a fig leaf and draw or write the ways that they hide who they really are.


Where Is God Leading Me?

A discussion oriented worksheet that includes meditating on scripture passages and answering questions about the readings as well as personal questions.


What Will God Call Me to Do

A reflection worksheet and class discussion on the video Gang Busters: One Man’s Mission to Stop Bullets by Creating Jobs.


A Call to Priestly Ministry

This resource is a discussion guide and worksheet about the call to priestly ministry based on the film clip from There Be Dragons.


Marriage in the New Testament

A discussion-oriented worksheet on marriage in the New Testament.


Marriage in the Old Testament

An activity that takes a look at marriage in the Old Testament.


Why Sacramental Marriage?

A series of short questions on Sacramental Marriage to discuss with a group, or personally respond to.


Sacraments of Christian Initiation: The Foundation of Our Vocation

A group activity, where students are asked to "build” the foundation of the Church by describing how each Sacrament of Christian Initiation helps those who are initiated to authentically live their Christian vocation.


Finding Salt and Light for the World: An Inventory of Discipleship Gifts and Skills

An activity where students are asked to list the gifts or skills that they think one would need in order to be “salt for the earth and light for the world” in a variety of ministries.


Definition Lab: Vocation, from “The Catholic Youth Bible” Old Testament Teacher Guide

A worksheet that uses certain Scripture passages to define vocation, from “The Catholic Youth Bible” Old Testament Teacher Guide.

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