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Cases to Examine: Levels of Independence

Students read several scenarios and rank the level of independence demonstrated.


Personality Perceptions of __________

Students choose adjectives from a list to describe a specific person.


About Myself

This handout provides a series of questions for students to answer about themselves.


How Do I Know That I Am Fully Alive?

This handout asks students to rank statements according to their beliefs about what it means to be fully alive.


Cases to Examine: Self-respect

This handout provides three situations where teenagers are not fully respecting themselves. Students read the situations and respond with suggestions that demonstrate more self-respect.


TV Truth: Keeping a Record

This handout provides a chart to help students keep track of the types of truths and lies portrayed on TV.


An Inventory on Money Matters

This handout provides a chart to help students keep track of their expenditures during one week


Cases to Examine: What Are We Afraid Of?

Students read several real-life scenarios and explore the many fears, anxieties, and pressures that influence decisions.

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