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Consider the Lilies

The song/video "Consider the Lilies," performed by Sings Sampaguita, available on YouTube (3:59) can be used for opening prayer on day 2. In this version, the only visual is the performer, but the words are easier to understand.


Say Yes

The song/video "Say Yes," by Michelle Williams, Beyonce, and Kelly Rowland, available on YouTube (4:12), offers a good introduction to day 4. The first 1:20 conveys the necessary content to engage the class.


St. Teresa's Prayer

The song/video "St. Teresa’s Prayer," by John Michael Talbot, available on YouTube (2:39), is appropriate for use on day 4.


Follow You

The song/video "Follow You," by Leeland and Brandon Heath, available on YouTube (4:29), is appropriate for use on day 2.


Let Faith Arise

The song/video "Let Faith Arise," available on YouTube (4:39), is appropriate for prayer on any day.


Do This in Memory

The song/video "Do This in Memory," by Chris Muglia, available on YouTube (9:54), is appropriate for use on any day. The song is found at the 3:48 point of an interview with the artist about the song.


The Face of Christ (Color)

The song/video "The Face of Christ," by Chris Rice, available on YouTube (3:47), has color photos and pictures that may be more appealing to young people. It is best used on day 3.


The Face of Christ (Black & White)

The song/video "The Face of Christ" by Chris Rice, posted by David Grove, available on YouTube (3:45), is artistically strong with black-and-white photography. It is best used on day 3.


Song "You Are Near"

The song “You Are Near,” by Dan Schutte (Oregon Catholic Press), is a contemporary musical setting of Psalm 139, which is partially printed on pages 38–39 in the Handbook. You might like to play the song at the end of day 1.


I Pray

This prayer for a large group asks for our eyes to be opened to the injustices in the world and our souls to be strengthened by Christ’s presence.