Using Music in Teaching

An article on incorporating music in teaching.


Contemporary Music, Ageless Wisdom: Using the Language of Teens to Speak the Gospel

It is no secret that teens are absolutely immersed in music. The question for those ministering to youth is, "Should we make a stance against the kinds of music kids are listening to or should we use their music to …


A Thousand Teenagers Singing at Mass?

Every August, despite our enthusiasm to bring fresh ideas to our classrooms and curriculum, the same question lingers for us as we plan for another year of all-school liturgies: How do we get a thousand teenagers to sing at Mass? …


Liturgy, Prayer, Music, and Formation

In presenting workshops to liturgists and musicians all over North America for about thirty-five weekends a year, I hear a lot of concerns. The following are some of the most common and persistent questions I get: What can we do …

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