Magnificat (with Wexford Carol)

The song/video "Magnificat (with Wexford Carol)," by Keith & Kristyn Getty,” available on YouTube (4:53) with lyrics, is a song based on the Magnificat. It is best used on day 2.


Magnificat—Mary’s Song

The song/video "Magnificat—Mary’s Song," composed by Todd Agnew & performed by Christy Nockels, available on YouTube (5:08) with lyrics, is the Magnificat in contemporary language illustrated with scenes from nature. It is best used on day 2.



The song/video "Magnificat," by John Michael Talbot, available on YouTube (5:53), includes a slideshow of Marian art. It is best used on day 2.


The Incarnation

This PowerPoint accompanies Unit 3, Chapter 6, by discussing the Incarnation, which brought about the full connection of humanity and divinity.


Mary, Our Mother

This PowerPoint looks at the faith and love of Mary, our mother.


Our Lady of Guadalupe: Icon of Justice

"Commitment to human life and dignity, to human rights and solidarity"; these are elements of what is commonly understood as social justice. In the Church today we have numerous "icons" we can look to in order to guide us in …

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