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The Resurrection

Student handout: Activity for chapter 14, crossword


The Lord's Prayer

Student handout: Activity for chapters 42 and 43, crossword


The Holy Trinity

Student handout: Activity for an unnamed section of Cath Connections Handbook (pg 35-39 ish) word puzzle


The Holy Spirit

Student handout: Activity for chapter 15, puzzle/exercise


Revelation, The Scriptures, and Tradition

Activity for Chapter 1, puzzle


Respecting Truth and Property

Activity for Chapter 37, complete the sentence


Faith: Responding to God

Student handout: Puzzles to do after Chapter 7


Saint Paul: Interview and Worksheet

Interview with Paul This interview with Paul is from Breakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics. On this colorful page, Paul explains his ministry and his legacy. Worksheet about Paul On this worksheet from the Student Activities Workbook for Breakthrough!: An …

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