Treasures of Our Faith Bingo Card

A fun activity to help children recall important facts of our Catholic faith.


Vocabulary for Unit 7

A vocabulary list for unit 7 defining terms associated with consecrated life.


Final Performance Task Options for Unit 7

Final performance task options for unit 7 that assess the students’ knowledge of consecrated life. The options include writing a biographical essay about a woman or a man who chose the consecrated life, or giving an oral presentation on a …


The Domestic Church

An article on family life and the domestic Church.


God's Story Plotline 4: Reconciliation

A reading on why God, whose love in unlimited, constantly picks out special groups.


The Anointing of the Sick

A reading on the Sacrament of anointing of the sick, with a discussion of how the Sacrament was viewed in the past and how it is viewed today.



A reading on the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Catholic Church.


The Christian Sacraments

A reading on the Christian Sacraments.


A Sacramental People

A reading on Sacraments and symbols.


Rubric for Final Performance Tasks for Unit 1

A grading rubric for the final performance task options for Unit 1 of "The Sacraments: Encounters with Christ."


Preassessment of My Knowledge of the Church's Liturgy

A preassessment of knowledge on the Church's Liturgy.


Final Performance Task Options for Unit 1

Options for final performance tasks for Unit 1 of "The Sacraments: Encounters with Christ."


The Lenten Scrutinies

A PowerPoint presentation on the Lenten Scrutinies.


Until a "lack of discretion" do us part

Ever since the church got involved in the wedding ceremony, relatively late in Christian history, it has stood by its main belief about a marriage. It’s the consent of the couple that binds. SEVENTH IN A 10-PART SERIES ON CHURCH …