The State of Religion & Young People 2020 Catholic Edition

Relational Authority 

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When it comes to Catholic young people…

What’s more important than checked boxes?  Behaviors.

What’s more revealing than affiliation status?  Relationships.


Checkboxes don’t tell us what young people long for and belong to. Published by Springtide™ Research Institute, this special Catholic Edition of The State of Religion Young People unpacks the research on Catholic young people’s religious lives–while also tending to the greater theological, experiential and pastoral implications that the research shows.

Theological: how do we as institutions meet young people where they’re at? 

Experiential: how does it come to life in one’s ministry? 

Pastoral: we’ll help you articulate and respond to the concerns we are already hearing from young people. 

Practical: with our Tide Turning Tips, we’ll tie together the theological, experiential and pastoral concerns so you can take action. 

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Publisher: Springtide™ Research Institute

Copyright: Jan. 20, 2021

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