The Formation of New Teachers

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Edited by Brother Frederick C. Mueller, FSC



This reflective essay serves as a valuable resource for formators of new teachers in Lasallian schools. It addresses the duties, qualities and tasks of the formator and suggests ways to help new teachers become competent professionals and ministers of grace in accordance with the Lasallian tradition. It examines ways in which some of the early practices in the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and later amplifications of those practices can be applied to the Lasallian world of education today in the area of forming, mentoring, and accompanying new Lasallian teachers.

Brother Frederick Mueller, FSC, has served a teacher and administrator in both New York and Rhode Island, teaching students from kindergarten through graduate school. Until his retirement in 2019, Brother Frederick was the director of faculty and staff professional development and Lasallian formation at La Salle Academy in Providence, Rhode Island. His work in Lasallian formation extended beyond the school to District, Regional, and Institute initiatives and programs.

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