The Teacher's Saint

John Baptist de La Salle - Patron Saint of Teachers 

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By George Van Grieken, FSC


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On May 15, 1950, Saint John Baptist de La Salle was declared the Patron Saint of All Teachers of Youth by the Catholic Church. There is something in his story, in his writings, and in his living spirit that plants itself in the hearts of teachers everywhere. Here is someone worth knowing, especially if you are involved in the ministry of education. Here is a remarkable individual who continues to shape the educational world of today in ways he could not have imagined, inspiring educators from all backgrounds and cultures, shaping how they see students, teachers, and the activity of teaching. His insights, example, and faith-filled perspective naturally resonate with that of educators everywhere, reminding them why they became involved in teaching in the first place. He is indeed a true saint for all teachers. And this little book tells his story.

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Publisher: Christian Brothers Conference

Copyright: April 8, 2019

Format: Paperback

Size: 4.12 x 7.12

Length: 110 pages

Item number: 9203

ISBN: 978-1-884904-16-5

ISBN-10: 1-884904-16-5

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