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Awaken The Stars

Reflections on What We Really Teach 

Edited by Shannon Mayer and Jacquie Van Hoomissen


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25 practical passionate perceptive professors share what they are really trying to teach their students.

Two professors asked fellow faculty members at the University of Portland, a Holy Cross institution in the Pacific Northwest, what it is they really teach. The answer is revealed in the insights and anecdotes of this remarkable collection of essays.

Here twenty-five distinguished professors reveal the philosophy that drives their work in a wide variety of academic disciplines: helping students recognize and develop their own gifts and discover the deepest longing of their lives. Essays will surprise and inspire students and parents alike, and will encourage educators to be attentive and awake in fresh ways as they engage their students.

Selections include:

  • Touched by the Infinite, Rev. Charles McCoy, CSC
  • Faith, Hope, and Love: A Trinity of Uncertainty, Steven G. Mayer
  • An Invitation to Star-Gazing, Michael Andrews
  • Spelunking with a Dim Flashlight, Rev. Patrick Hannon, CSC
  • The Many Facets of Humanness, Anissa Rogers
  • Everything Always Has a Past, Christin Hancock
  • The Flourishing of Every Soul, Karen E. Eifler
  • Halfway between the Head and the Heart, Nicole Leupp Hanig
  • The Urgency of Slowness, Lars Larson
  • Engineering Creativity, Heather Dillon

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Copyright: Jan. 1, 2017

ISBN: 978-0-87946-587-2

ISBN-10: 0-87946-587-5

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