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Death of a Child

Reflections for Grieving Parents 

By Elaine E. Stillwell


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There is perhaps no more excruciating pain than the loss of a child. It is a life-changing event that will forever scar a parent. When a child dies, bereaved parents face the challange of rebuilding their lives, a daunting task that may often seem overwhelming.

The Death of a Child is filled with stories of people who have lost a child and how they dealt with the reality of that event. This collection of life-giving lessons touches on a wide range of emotions and situations that parents may encounter after the death of their child.

Chapter titles include:

"Creating a New Normal"
"Riding the Roller Coaster of Grief"
"Cherishing the Seasons"
"Singing Their Song"

Product details

Copyright: Jan. 1, 2004

ISBN: 978-0-87946-260-4

ISBN-10: 0-87946-260-4

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