Trinity in Relation

Creation, Incarnation, and Grace in an Evolving Cosmos 

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By Gloria L. Schaab


Rooted in the biblical, historical, and contemporary theological traditions of Christianity, Trinity in Relation sets forth a theology of the Triune God as a God of and in relation, who is intimately, unceasingly, and dynamically engaged in the full flourishing of the cosmos and its creatures. This original and comprehensive approach to Trinitarian theology draws upon the insights of the natural, physical, and behavioral sciences, particularly evolutionary biology and quantum physics.

Gloria Schaab’s paradigm is grounded in the understanding that being itself—whether cosmic, human, or divine—is based in relatedness, relations that are typified as essential. Following an examination of these essential relations within each kind of being, Schaab goes on to investigate the relations among cosmic, human, and divine being, and in terms of three Christian doctrines— creation, incarnation, and grace. Done with a view to contemporary science, the author’s doctrinal interpretation seeks to demonstrate that divine, human, and cosmic relations are not solely unique events, but rather dynamic and ongoing interactions that affect each in compelling ways. It is through the considered study of these interrelationships that the reader will stand to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of the Triune God and the world to which God is intimately related. A respectful summary of traditional doctrinal interpretations puts the author’s work into context.

Trinity in Relation:
• Offers a new approach to Trinitarian theology
• Draws on Catholic tradition and insights of the sciences
• Integrates work of a wide variety of Catholic and Christian contemporary theologians
• Includes review of traditional doctrinal interpretation for context

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