Reading the Gospels

Biblical Interpretation in the Catholic Tradition 

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By Christopher McMahon, PhD


Shows students how to examine and engage with the text of the Gospels

In Reading the Gospels, Christopher McMahon provides teachers and students with the tools to bring the study of the Gospels to life. McMahon’s approach—that of the historical-critical method—is the one considered by the Pontifical Biblical Commission as “the indispensable method for the scientific study of the meaning of ancient texts.”

Reading the Gospels is full of pedagogical tools that will aid the professor and help students to proactively engage in scriptural analysis themselves. Beginning with introductory historical chapters that put into context for the student the circumstances in which the Gospels came to be, the book includes:

  • Detailed analyses of Gospel passages, from a historical and literary perspective
  • Alternative interpretations of the Gospel texts for students to consider
  • “Questions for Understanding” and “Questions for Reflection” at the end of each chapter, useful for student review
  • Ample endnotes for orientation, and brief bibliographies for further research

A basic introduction to the canonical Gospels and the issues related to their interpretation, Reading the Gospels will engage students in the kind of detailed analysis necessary for the success of their own future research and scholarly work.

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