Green Discipleship

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Edited by Tobias L. Winright, PhD

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Designed to Help Students View Theology, Ethics, and the Environment Through a Variety of Lenses.

From federal rebates for high-efficiency appliances to bottle deposits to Meatless Mondays, practices promoting sustainability are now incorporated into our daily lives. Due to the establishment of protection agencies and the efforts of activist groups, the wider public has become more conscious of the impact we humans make on the planet, and what we can do to preserve what we have.

Religious communities, long concerned with broad issues of social responsibility and justice, have naturally become full participants in this greening movement. In Green Discipleship: Catholic Theological Ethics, scholars from the fields of theology and the social and hard sciences discuss this development, and consider how a proactive approach to the earth's welfare is, essentially, a moral obligation of Christians, and those of other faiths around the world.

Accessible for undergraduate or seminary students, this anchor text:

  • Shows students how saving the earth is ethics in praxis.
  • Views theology, ethics, and the environment through a variety of lenses.
  • Includes tools such as end-of-chapter questions, glossary, and sidebars.

Current and relevant, Green Discipleship will prompt students to think more widely about the earth, its stewardship, and how individual action is a fulfillment of duty.

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