A Window to the Divine

Creation Theology 

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By Zachary Hayes, OFM


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Designed for College Students Taking Course in Creation Theology

This new edition of A Window to the Divine presents a summary of developments on a number of basic questions pertaining to creation theology and what a synthesis might look like at this time. It is based on the premise that contemporary believers can sense a remarkably rich communication of the divine mystery through the insights of science, and that the sciences may open even richer and more challenging possibilities to the understanding of our tradition.
"Our tradition is rooted in the belief that, however the universe may look empirically, it is precisely this universe described to us at the empirical level by the sciences that our faith holds to be the fruit of God's creative knowledge and love. It is my hope that these reflections may help us discover in what sense this universe may truly be seen as a window to the mystery of the divine." —from the Preface.
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