Catholicism 101

An Interactive Guide to the Catholic Faith 

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Build their confidence and help them learn about the Catholic faith with this interactive iBook!

Catholicism 101: An Interactive Guide to the Catholic Faith is an interactive iBook designed to help young people, non-Catholic students or Catholic students who have not been recently catechized, quickly learn about the essential beliefs and practices of Catholicism.

Product Details

Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

Copyright: Feb. 1, 2014

Format: iBook

Item number: 6004IB

How it Works
  • Each chapter features a reading, a video, and an interactive quiz to thoroughly explain and review content in the chapter
  • The videos are narrated by a young person who connects the content to real life through a personal experience or reflection

Educational and Fun

  • Interactive quizzes at the end of each chapter ensure the young person understands the main points
  • Young people who use this resource will be more confident in their understanding of Catholicism and will be ready to take the required religion classes

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