The State of Young People & Religion 2021, Catholic Edition: Navigating Uncertainty


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This special edition of the 2021 report focuses on what the data from Springtide Research Institute's 2021 annual report, The State of Religion & Young People tell us about young Catholics. Catholic young people’s religious practices, beliefs, and perceptions are similar to the general population in many respects. 

Young Catholics, like all young people in the face of uncertainty, are not turning to their faith practices, rituals, beliefs, and communities in the ways we might expect of people who report that they are “religious.” 

Springtide's data reveal how young Catholics today are serious about engaging and exploring their faith, but in ways that look quite different from prior generations. 

  • Find out why young people, even Catholic young people, aren’t turning to religion in times of uncertainty or difficulty.  
  • Learn about Faith Unbundled, a framework to help leaders better understand the way young people are constructing their religious and spiritual lives by drawing on a variety of sources.  
  • Hear insights from Katherine Angulo of the McGrath Institute for Church Life as well as insights from other Catholic teachers, ministers, and students. 

This special edition was made possible by generous funding from the Mark D. Pacione Foundation and The Rukavina Family Foundation.

Springtide Research Institute® is a sociological research institute dedicated to young people ages 13-25, Springtide gives voice to the emerging perceptions, beliefs and practices of young people at the intersections of their human and religious experiences. 

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