The State of Religion & Young People 2020

Relational Authority 

By Josh Packard, PhD


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New from Springtide™ Research Institute:

The inner and outer lives of Gen Z are complex.  

The world today is complicated.  

The way young people form bonds and make meaning is changing. 

Springtide™ data show that checking “affiliated” or “unaffiliated” on a survey doesn’t tell the whole story on young peoples’ religious identities. It doesn’t tell us all we need to know about the things young people long for and belong to. 

Behaviors tell us more than checked boxes. Relationships reveal more than affiliations. And the most effective relationships practice Relational Authority, a framework that responds to these complexities, that is rooted in five practices: listening, transparency, integrity, care, and expertise.  

The largest data set of its kind, The State of Religion & Young People 2020: Relational Authority collects data from over 10,000 surveys and over 150 interviews with young people ages 13-25. With special features on politics, careers, and virtual environments—as well as a comprehensive look at the changing social, religious, and cultural landscape—it not only provides data, but actionable insights and fresh frameworks to help you act on these findings. 



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Springtide is listening to the inner and outer lives of young people ages 13 to 25. As an unbiased research institute, we seek to help those who care about young people care better, by amplifying and honoring young people’s lived experiences through careful research and actionable insights.

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