Beyond Disaffiliation

A Process for Hope-Filled Action 


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No matter how young or old, every person has a deep desire to find meaning, purpose, and belonging in community. We all long to be known by name, and loved just as we are.

With Beyond Disaffiliation: A Process for Hope-Filled Action, your team will brainstorm new paths and create a plan of action to help young people find a place of belonging on their faith journey and in your community.

Beyond Disaffiliation is a two-part video and guidebook resource from Saint Mary’s Press, in collaboration with Springtide Research Institute for Religion and Young People. The book and video integrate seamlessly in a comprehensive planning process.

You’ll listen and discover where young people find belonging in your community, what they value and why. The video features presentations by well-known researchers as well as the stories of young people, unpacking the facets of disaffiliation. Together, you and your group will learn from young people and their places of belonging, refl ecting on their stories as you create new ways to accompany them on their journey.

This is an affordable way for your group to forge new ways of accompanying young people. Young people need us to accompany them on their journey. They want us to know them, their hearts, and their desires. Let’s forge new paths, together.

THE VIDEO: Access the Wisdom and Energy of the Live Conferences

You’ll hear from expert voices and authors like Dr. Robert McCarty, Dr. Josh Packard, Dr. Elizabeth Drescher along with the voices and stories of young people detailing their own struggles.

THE PROCESS GUIDEBOOK: Deeply reflective, leading to novel and innovative responses

Our highly engaging, 3-part process will encourage and guide you and your colleagues in a human-centered approach to discover new ways of ministering and relating to young people.

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Publisher: Saint Mary's Press in partnership with Springtide Research Institute on Religion and Young People

Copyright: Aug. 29, 2019

Format: Print Guidebook + Digital video

ISBN: 978-1-64121-082-9

ISBN-10: 1-64121-082-6

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