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By Larry Schatz, FSC


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Brothers: An Inside Look is the story of one Roman Catholic brother living out his call to the consecrated religious life. Br. Larry Schatz reflects on his ministerial journey in the light of the vows that he made upon entering his community. He describes the requirements, the opportunities, the work, the rewards, and the challenges of being a brother.

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Copyright: Jan. 1, 2002

Format: Stitched

Size: 6 x 9

Length: 72 pages

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ISBN: 978-0-88489-721-7

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Customer Reviews

By Sr. Joyce Kolbet, vocation director, School Sisters of Notre Dame, Mankato, Minnesota

What a wonderful blend of valuable information and personal stories! As a person who listens to and guides young people through vocation discernment, I am delighted to have these new resources. Without a doubt, each book in the series gives "an inside look" that is engaging, realistic, and inviting. Having had experience as a teacher, campus minister, RCIA director, pastoral minister, and vocation director, I recommend the books in the Vocations series for use in any of these settings as a way to help others better understand each way of life. Hats off to the happy, committed folks who opened the book of their life!

By Roger L. Schweitz, OMI, Archbishop of Anchorage, Alaska

Just what is a brother? Having been a member of a religious congregation of priests and brothers, I have often been asked this question about this least understood vocation. Br. Larry Schatz, FSC, provides a thorough, personal, and very readable answer to that question in this volume on brothers. I welcome this effort of Saint Mary's Press to not only inform Catholics about the mystery of Church vocations but also to issue the challenge that the entire Church must both understand and foster vocations. Brother Larry comments that brothers are in the business of touching hearts. The Vocations series has the potential of touching the hearts of many as it clarifies, in a clear and personal way, the richness of vocations in the Church.
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An Inside Look: A Leader's Guide to the Vocations Series