Sourcebook for Modern Catechetics: Volume 2

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Edited by Michael Warren



In Volume 2 of Sourcebook for Modern Catechetics, Michael Warren continues his remarkable work of collecting articles and documents about Catholic catechetics. Whereas Volume 1 charted the history and evolution of catechetics, Volume 2 sheds light on current critical questions and forecasts a sense of what will be the key catechetical issues in the future. The 22 articles in Volume 2 are organized under these topics:

  • Initiation and Worship.
  • Culture and Inculturation.
  • The Ecclesial Zone of Catechesis.
  • Evaluating Catechetical Structures and Developments.
  • Catechism and Catechesis.
  • Church (Catholic) Schools.
  • Ecclesial Documents.

Sourcebook for Modern Catechetics is a valuable tool for those who are seriously involved in the catechetical mission of the Church: students of catechetical theory and practice, directors of religious education, and pastoral leaders who are responsible for current and future catechesis.

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