Discover! Finding Faith in Life

Grade 3 Catechist Guide 



Discover! Finding Faith in Life

Catechist Guide


Our founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, said “This work of teaching is one of the most important in the Church.”


We still believe this to be true—not only for how it touches the hearts of the children you minister to, but also for how it shapes the faith of those adults who are helping in this essential ministry.

The Discover! Finding Faith in Life Catechist Guide will equip your catechists and volunteers to joyfully lead children to discover their faith. Imagine, a faith formation program that will inspire adults at the same time as they teach the children entrusted to their care!

The Catechist Guide is designed to make leading a lesson easy and fearless, so that adults can engage and discover alongside children. Each chapter opens with a Lesson at a Glance to quickly summarize the focus, goals, and materials, followed by a Background Reflection to give the leader personal context for the topic. The Catechist Guide then walks through the lesson itself, with a clear layout and scripted teaching points and prayers to help catechists every step of the journey.

Meanwhile, each child will engage using the Discover! Finding Faith in Life Child Discover Kit (Grade 3) and their very own Catholic Children's Bible to help them connect the dots and transform a learned faith into a joyfully lived faith!

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Copyright: Jan. 7, 2019

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