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Saint Mary’s Press, in collaboration with The National Black Catholic Congress, Inc., is proud to present The African American Catholic Youth Bible®, the first Catholic Bible for youth designed especially from the African American perspective. This Bible speaks directly to African American youth through inspirational black art and commentaries on biblical events and personalities from an African American perspective. It chronicles major events in African American Catholic history and includes moving stories of African American holy men and women.

The African American Catholic Youth Bible® uses the text of the New American Bible, revised edition, and is modeled after the bestselling Catholic Youth.

Product Details

Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

Translation: New American Bible Revised Edition

Copyright: Jan. 5, 2015

Format: Digital title

Item number: 4146INT

ISBN: 978-1-64121-150-5

ISBN-10: 1-64121-150-4

Special Feature

Bible®, beloved by nearly two million Catholic young people.


This Bible offers many special features:

  • Know Your Faith articles that explain the biblical, liturgical, and doctrinal basis for many Christian beliefs and practices
  • Black, Catholic, and Faithful articles that present African American culture and introduce some Africans and African Americans who have lived out aspects of God’s Revelation in the Bible
  • Check This Out articles that provide background for understanding the culture and traditions of biblical times and the Church’s interpretation of certain passages
  • Be About It! articles that apply the Bible’s message to situations African American youth may be facing now or will face in the future
  • Take It to God articles that suggest ways to use the Bible for personal prayer
  • Our Friends in Faith articles that give a quick introduction to the lives of important biblical people
  • Helpful indexes to passages about events, people, teachings of Jesus, and life and faith issues, as well as an index that leads to articles on specific topics
  • A calendar of the Church year and Sunday readings
  • Color inserts that provide a brief history of African American Catholics, beautifully illustrated maps, photos by theme, Catholic prayers and teachings, and a timeline of biblical history
  • A glossary of Scripture-related terms

The African American Catholic Youth Bible is an invaluable resource to evangelize youth and adults of all backgrounds. This Bible is not just for the Black community. It can educate all people of faith of the gifts and contributions of Black people throughout the history of faith.”
—Dr. Ansel Augustine, Contributor, The African American Catholic Youth Bible®, Archdiocese of New Orleans

Customer Reviews

Excellent Resource


By Michelle Coe, Montgomery, AL

We have used the paper copy of this bible as a gift to our newly confirmed young people. We have also used it as a resource for an annual Vocations Retreat for young African American men in Catholic Schools or who are Catholic. It has also been gifted to incarcerated young people which is where we have had the best feedback. Many inmates were incredulous to find out that many of the well-known biblical characters looked just like them. They were so indoctrinated into the image of the Caucasian Jesus that they did not even realize that Jesus came from a part of the world where there were more people of color than not. This Bible has been an invaluable resource for our parish ministries and we are saddened that it is now only available digitally.

Great resource for youth, young adults, and older adults!


By Kimberley Hefner

Very engaging content that is beautifully illustrated.
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